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The 2010 World Cup has certainly been the topic of conversation around the water coolers of countless offices — perhaps even to the point of obscuring some of the other fine Euro sports! Certainly the timing has caused a conflict with many who follow both football and tennis, as Wimbledon ratings show.

On the other hand, the 2010 Olympics had their splash of attention grabbing news months ago. The ratings for that sporting extravaganza was over the top as approximately 2,600 athletes from 82 nations participated in 86 events in fifteen disciplines. I still remember feeling warm and toasty on the slopes in my brightly colored Descente ski wear watching skiers whip by me at terrifyingly fast speeds in the downhill. All the reporters and commentators stood out in their brightly colored Descente jackets, trousers, and accessories. Everyone looked elegant and sophisticated in these high tech fashionable outdoor sports wear. I mean really, a Descente ski jacket screams elite. The tailored fit of a Descent jacket is complimented by its high tech fabrication for the best of skiers and I certainly saw a lot of elite skiers at the 2010 Olympics.

The one downer from that event was my wife-to-be losing her sterling silver engagement ring. We looked everywhere for that dazzling ring and couldn’t find it. The hotel management said they would instruct the room’s maids to be alert when they cleaned the room, but who is to say she actually lost it in the hotel room. We eventually went to a store that sold stunning sterling silver jewelry and trendy sterling silver rings designs. After so much angst, we (she) finally found a nearly indistinguishable replacement with an emerald cut cubic zirconia stone setting. I don’t think anyone ever noticed the difference. And I must say the price was perfect for my wallet. Thank goodness for the world wide web.

We here at NW Eurosport extend our hands to the players and fans of all sports, big and small, no matter when the matches are played. In fact, you really never have to worry as long as you’re not buying tickets for the game — we live in the Internet and DVR age, when distance and time take on entirely new meanings!

Okay, so that was a little over-the-top, but the meaning is clear. We don’t play favorites here, simply provide you with the best and most up-to-date information regarding online sports betting. We have a definite focus on the UK, a general interest in the Euro sporting world, and we’re nice enough guys to include the US when they ask nicely enough (your section is on its way, trust us!).

We’ve read enough of the bollocks that passes for objective information on the Internet, and decided that what was sorely needed was a basic site to let the rank beginner get up to speed. An alternate title for this venture might be “A Dummies Guide to Online sportsbetting” but then we’d probably get sued. How about “Online Sportsbetting: Soup to Nuts”? Nah, that’s not great either. “Online Slots” misses the point (almost) entirely.

Well, “Everything You always Wanted to Know About Online Sports Betting but Were Afraid to Ask” is about right, if a little bit long for the attention-deficit Internet Age (a. k. a. TLDR). What we’d like to achieve is a website that serves as a surrogate father figure who you can talk to for important but sensitive matters. Oh, and one who may actually know what he’s talking about (thanks Da, but our sole sex ed conversation messed me up for years!).

Details Uruguay
Uruguay 4–2
United States
Yugoslavia 13
Details Italy
Italy 2–1
Germany 3–2
Austria 16
Details France
Italy 4–2
Brazil 4–2
Sweden 16/15

Details Brazil
Spain 16/13

Details Switzerland
West Germany 3–2
Austria 3–1
Uruguay 16
Details Sweden
Brazil 5–2
France 6–3
West Germany 16
Details Chile
Brazil 3–1
Chile 1–0
Yugoslavia 16
Details England
England 4–2
West Germany
Portugal 2–1
Soviet Union 16
Details Mexico
Brazil 4–1
West Germany 1–0
Uruguay 16
Details West Germany
West Germany 2–1
Poland 1–0
Brazil 16
Details Argentina
Argentina 3–1
Brazil 2–1
Italy 16
Details Spain
Italy 3–1
West Germany
Poland 3–2
France 24
Details Mexico
Argentina 3–2
West Germany
France 4–2
Belgium 24
Details Italy
West Germany 1–0
Italy 2–1
England 24
Details United States
Brazil 0–0
Sweden 4–0
Bulgaria 24
Details France
France 3–0
Croatia 2–1
Netherlands 32
Details South Korea
& Japan
Brazil 2–0
Turkey 3–2
South Korea 32
Details Germany
Italy 1–1
Germany 3–1
Portugal 32
Details South Africa
Spain 1–0
Germany 3–2
Uruguay 32

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