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We’ve got a bit of sports betting introduction for the new kids in town. If you’re one of those bettors who has spreadsheets full of statistics, and measures the merits of competing professional sports betting systems, you’ll probably want to skip this page. If you’re looking for online casino USA, please take a seat while you wait.

Sportsbetting is a little bit more involved than shaking hands with a mate over a fiver on tomorrow’s match. On the other hand, it can be a fair sight easier to collect with no hard feelings.

The basic wager that you’ll see at any sportsbook, online or otherwise, is the proposition bet. When it comes right down to it, most bets are propositions bets; they specify an event and its outcome. Whether you’re trying to beat the over-under spread on the Ashes or simply who will take home the championship, it’s a proposition bet.

“Proposition bets” also applies to any of the usual foolish things that we’ve bet upon, such as “I’ll bet you a tenner that Nigel won’t eat this decade-old gum that I just pulled off the underside of my ergonomic desk chair” (I lost that one. Nigel will put nearly anything in his mouth, but I guess he draw the line at old gum).

A parlay, on the other hand, is a more long-term string of bets, where multiple victories add up to a much bigger payout than you’d get by betting on each match individually. It can be frustrating and risky, but these kinds of bets offer the best payouts in the sports betting world (i.e., they’re the ‘progressive online slots’ of sports betting).

Similar is the “teaser” bet, in which multiple bets are made (two is the most common number, but I’ve seen as many as 15 at any one time) between which you can adjust certain details…such as the point spread.

What’s a point spread? Well, what a perfect way to segue into my next page on sports betting mechanics (no, not the blokes who work on lorries by day and cruise the casinos by night!).

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