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If you’ve taken even a quick look around the ‘net at the sportsbetting websites, you’ve no doubt seen that they come in many shapes and sizes but there are always elements that each have in common. Strangely enough, the common elements are the most practical, while the unusual elements are probably what you’ll use when choosing which sportsbook to join.

We can’t deny that the blueprint for virtually every online sportsbook has to be William Hill. And why not? Will Hill is a legend, or something equally meaningful, among UK bettors. The main source of the company’s recent success has undoubtedly been the online component, which set the standard that all others follow: clear, user-friendly menus and no more than two clicks to get to the exact bet that you want.

There’s a definite lack of extraneous fluff at William Hill, though you’d be stretching the truth to call it a “barebones” website. If you’re a fan of an ever cleaner, more utilitarian design, we’ve been extremely impressed with the no-nonsense bet365 site. We’d be hard-pressed to think of any better site to recommend to beginners and pros alike.

On the other hand, if you actually like a website to be covered in visual appeal with that certain je ne sais quois (and by that we mean “athletes, babes, and vivid colors”), may make you think that you’ve died and gone to online sports bettors’ heaven (where the clouds are made of ergonomic desk chairs, BTW).

For a happy medium, you can’t do better than the world’s Internet gaming juggernaut, 888. The sportsbetting section, 888Sport, may be the best part of 888’s gambling empire, which is really saying something when you consider how good their casino, bingo, and poker offerings are as well.

Personally, I have a soft spot for Paddy Power. There’s nothing like a mix of attractive and user-friendly web design and borderline-inappropriate humor to get me going. Paddy Power combines the most usefully utilitarian format with an eye for subtle style that makes spending time at the site a pleasure. Additionally, they have the best novelty bets of anyone, and — though I’m far too much of a professional to ever let personal feelings influence my decisions — I have a soft spot for anything Irish.

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I have been using an online book for about 3 months now. I can not even describe how much it has simplified my life. I don’t have to wait in long lines & it has helped me to have more time to consider my options. I have improved my overall experience so much by using online books. They are great.

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